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What You Must Know Before Signing Up For This Training Is As Follows...

1. You must have purchased the internet wealth secrets package. The reason is beacuse, you need to have a basic knowledge of this business before you can be a part of the advanced practical training. Some people would attend seminars upon seminars with nothing to show for it.

The truth is, you cannot learn everything so fast in seminars without having a basic knowledge of how things work generally. You need to start from the scratch and have a very good foundation from the get go. That is why we always mandate it for our students to get the start up kit first. After which they can attend the advanced practical training class.

2. The location for the training may either be Ilorin in Kwara state or Lagos State. If it's going to be in Ilorin, do not worry about the accomodation because free accomodation have already been provided for all participants. The training may take up to 2-3 days depending on the type of online business

3. Training fee is within N15,000 and above, depending on the type of online business training you want to do.

4. Available training courses includes, Information Product Marketing, Blogging, Affiliate Marketing, Fiverr, Facebook Marketing, Web designing, Traffic generation, Email marketing, Social media marketing and Ecommerce

5. Before you can make payment for any of the available courses, you need to provide the proof of payment for internet wealth secrets package. You don't need to give us your payment details or even teller numbers. We already have in our records emails of those who have purchased the package.

Once you provide the email that your package was sent into, all we need do is check our records for your email address, after which you will then be informed on how to make the payment and the exact date and location for the training.

6. Once it's time for the training, you will be notified through your email and phone number. If you are chanced to attend it, then you can pay for it.